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Slovakia is a country rich in quality mineral and healing water sources.

We know of more than 1,600 with different chemical composition, yield and temperature. The number, yield and chemical composition of mineral waters places Slovakia among the most important areas in the world!!!

Valley of Slovenské Rudohorie

Brusno Spa is located in a beautiful valley of Slovenské Rudohorie mountain range, on the northern slope of Vepor hill, 425 m above the sea level.

Natural healing water

Natural healing water is microbiologically safe ground water with scientifically proven permanent healing effects on human body thanks to its chemical composition and physical qualities.

Benefits of Brusnianka

Brusnianka mineral water is
effective especially in treating gall bladder;
bile duct;
pancreas and liver diseases.
Drinking Brusnianka
is also recommended in recovery from hepatitis and chronic pancreatitis.
USE. Brusnianka natural healing water
is suitable as an excellent
complement of body hydration and mineralisation. It supplies the
body with necessary substances even during physically demanding
work or sport activities.
Healing spring Ondrej
is the most popular and its use can be traced
to 1812. The natural healing spring Ondrej is bottled by our company and is called Brusnianka.
The Slovak market
The Slovak market currently offers a wide range of mineral water.
However, water with added value is absent on the Slovak market. This is especially true of water with healing effects which are
beneficial for human body,

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